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Fairly produced bitacola nuts from Cameroon.

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Our fair produced Bitacola nuts from Cameroon are not only a pleasure to eat, they also represent an important contribution to the promotion of sustainable agriculture and social justice. Cameroon, a country in Central Africa, is known for its high-quality kola nuts, which thrive in the region's dense rainforests. Our commitment to fair produced means that these nuts are produced and traded under conditions that provide farmers with fair wages and better living conditions.




Excellent quality: Kola nuts from Cameroon are known for their intense flavour and high quality. They have a slightly bitter taste and are an important ingredient in various drinks and foods.


Sustainable cultivation: The kola nuts are grown by local farmers who use sustainable farming practices. This means that the soil and rainforest are conserved to protect the natural environment.



Fair trade: We are proud to support fair trade practices that guarantee fair wages for farmers in Cameroon. This enables farmers and their communities to invest in education, health and other vital resources.


Health benefits: Kola nuts are known for their stimulating effect due to the caffeine they contain. They are traditionally used in some cultures as an energy booster and to promote concentration.



Versatile uses: Kola nuts can be used as an ingredient in drinks such as cola or in culinary recipes. They add a unique flavour to dishes.



Our fair trade kola nuts help farmers in Cameroon benefit from their cultivation while respecting the environment. By buying these nuts, you are not only supporting the farmers, but also the conservation of the region's natural resources.



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